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slab and a box for my ‘touch’

I finished a bench made from a pine slab that’s been sitting around for 20 years. I sent a picture to my friend who gave me the wood almost a decade ago. He said his father will enjoy giving a “I told you so” to his wife who questioned keeping the piece for so many years.

This past weekend, I built myself a secure box to protect a new Logitech AudioStation and my iPod Touch while on the jobsite, complete with power outlets, extended cord and metal speaker grilles. Continue reading slab and a box for my ‘touch’

Sharpening correctly changed my skill level.

Hello, I’d like to write a quick recommendation because learning to sharpen my chisel and plane blades correctly changed my skill as a carpenter forever.

One day I took the time to learn how to correctly sharpen a chisel and went out and splurged for the DMT W6F 6″ Diamond Whetstone Sharpener, Fine with Hardwood Box and from that day on my skill as a carpenter changed.
I carry this diamond sharpener in my toolbox and use it regularly. I also carry the coarse model, DMT W6C 6″ Diamond Whetstone Sharpener.

Instructions on how to sharpen are available on the DMT website.

As an active carpenter I sharpen my tools on a regular basis. Sometimes I will resharpen a chisel more than once in a single day. When the skill of sharpening a chisel on the DMT Diamond Bench Stones was mastered my chisel became my favorite and most versatile tool and the quality of my work changed dramatically.
I would recommend diamond sharpening plates for anyone interested in sharpening their own steel and I would say that for a craftsman, these are an invaluable asset and a mandatory addition to one’s daily tools. I couldn’t live without them.