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Bookshelves around a Fireplace

Job: Build bookshelves and a new Mantel around an existing brick fireplace.

I was going to title this “The Liberty Cabinets” because my client ripped a page out of a magazine and said: “I want something like this, I trust your sense of style so get to work and make me something nice.” but then I noticed there is a cabinet shop with that title …so welcome to my generic: “Bookshelves around a Fireplace” job.

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Even a simple Mantel can be a challenge

I am toying with the idea of backdating entries on WoodDance.com to the date the job was completed. Here is an example of a job, to build a custom fireplace mantel, that I completed in Feb. 2006 but I am posting almost two years later.

As with most jobs, I visit the location to assess the situation and make the required measurements.
My client wanted a fireplace mantel built in their family room.

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