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Repairing broken antique mahogany table and bed post

I’ve been in the shop again. Fixing damage to several different old pieces of furniture. In a most unfortunate slip, someone fell and smashed a 200 year old table. I repaired the table and using a piece broken off inside a mortise was able to patch a spot with same wood. The photo below shows a Dremel tool being used to grind away nails inside the mortise from a previous repair. This table had been broken more than once before.

With the table stronger than ever and returned, I started on a quick bed post repair which I truly enjoyed. It didn’t take long to turn this project around. I used a lathe to create a new pin in an old mahogany finial. Continue reading Repairing broken antique mahogany table and bed post


Motivated by my shop set up for gluing cabinet doors, I searched my dusty shelves for some raised panels I had cut many years ago but never assembled. The panels were cut from recycled wood, reclaimed from a Frank Lloyd Wright home I worked on years before.

With the doors assembled they needed a place to hang and I found just the piece to build in my copy of Antique Country Furniture of North America and Details of Its Construction, The Pennsylvania German Hanging Cupboard.

In addition to sharing some of my work on WoodDance.com and hosting an archive of tools on ToolboxBlog.com, last year I created a website dedicated to projects from reclaimed and recycled materials, ReclaimedRecycled.com. Continue reading ReclaimedRecycled.com


A shelf with movable boxes in the form of the letter E.

Here is a gift I made for my daughter this Christmas that I thought I would share. Constructed of Philippine mahogany with 1/4″ birch-ply backing it’s mahogan-‘E’. Based on multiples of 5 1/2″ the boxes will fit in any location on the shelf; 3 across the bottom, stacked several high or one here one there.

Continue reading Mahogan-‘E’

An alteration to a Frank Lloyd Wright interior door

Here’s another backdated post to the date the work was completed… or is it?
This blog entry is the only place you will ever see this work.

In 2002 I was called to make some alterations to an interior room that I had previously worked on for the same homeowner. The task was to eliminate an interior door opening and laminate the Mahogany wall covering over the opening, closing off the door permanently.

After machining pieces of mahogany removed from an office wall and stored in an outbuilding on site, I applied them to a new hollow-core flat panel door fastened in the opening. On the reverse side the homeowner hired an artistic painter to replicate the view outside the office window.

Well, …it wasn’t permanent! Another beautiful job well done but a few years later and a new homeowner and whamo; I destroyed this work and replaced the original door.


My first Frank Lloyd Wright renovation, rebuilding a rotten deck.

In late 2000, I was hired to renovate a dilapidated deck on a friend’s Frank Lloyd Wright original house here in Connecticut. “Springbough” is no ordinary house and at first sight I knew my work here was going to be both challenging and gratifying.
Presented here is a backdated post to the time when the work was completed by WoodDance Studio. This is a long story as the deck was again remodeled in 2006, but I don’t want to give away the story just yet so read now about my first job on a Frank Lloyd Wright and the beginning of a six year relationship with a very interesting home. Continue reading My first Frank Lloyd Wright renovation, rebuilding a rotten deck.