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Thermo pane windows with mahogany trim

Here is a gallery of images showing an effective upgrade to a contemporary home here in Connecticut. Asked to replace a portion of the single-pane windows at this residence, I began with measurements and a custom order at a local glass company. The new windows would be 1″ thick with clear low “e” tempered glass, bronze insert, gas-filled insulated panels. Continue reading Thermo pane windows with mahogany trim

An alteration to a Frank Lloyd Wright interior door

Here’s another backdated post to the date the work was completed… or is it?
This blog entry is the only place you will ever see this work.

In 2002 I was called to make some alterations to an interior room that I had previously worked on for the same homeowner. The task was to eliminate an interior door opening and laminate the Mahogany wall covering over the opening, closing off the door permanently.

After machining pieces of mahogany removed from an office wall and stored in an outbuilding on site, I applied them to a new hollow-core flat panel door fastened in the opening. On the reverse side the homeowner hired an artistic painter to replicate the view outside the office window.

Well, …it wasn’t permanent! Another beautiful job well done but a few years later and a new homeowner and whamo; I destroyed this work and replaced the original door.