Thermo pane windows with mahogany trim

Here is a gallery of images showing an effective upgrade to a contemporary home here in Connecticut. Asked to replace a portion of the single-pane windows at this residence, I began with measurements and a custom order at a local glass company. The new windows would be 1″ thick with clear low “e” tempered glass, bronze insert, gas-filled insulated panels. Continue reading Thermo pane windows with mahogany trim

2 lb. closed-cell spray-foam insulation installation

I’m affecting an upgrade on a historic house here in New Canaan and I am willing to wager the carpenters who mortised these chestnut beams in 1834 never imagined a part soy expanding foam insulation being sprayed on their work 175 years later. This is one of the coolest jobs I have overseen in a while. Check out this short gallery of photos from today’s effort. Continue reading 2 lb. closed-cell spray-foam insulation installation

slab and a box for my ‘touch’

I finished a bench made from a pine slab that’s been sitting around for 20 years. I sent a picture to my friend who gave me the wood almost a decade ago. He said his father will enjoy giving a “I told you so” to his wife who questioned keeping the piece for so many years.

This past weekend, I built myself a secure box to protect a new Logitech AudioStation and my iPod Touch while on the jobsite, complete with power outlets, extended cord and metal speaker grilles. Continue reading slab and a box for my ‘touch’

Wall of storage!

At the top of my stairs is a small studio space. The area was so cluttered with stuff it’s been completely inaccessible. I put in a few hours after work each night for a week and built a really nice wall of cabinets. Included in this space is a shelf for a television and VCR with the DVD player discreetly on a shelf below. The base cabinets also support a fish tank for our 10 year old goldfish who has lived through incredible conditions, including months in still 40° water. Continue reading Wall of storage!