Motivated by my shop set up for gluing cabinet doors, I searched my dusty shelves for some raised panels I had cut many years ago but never assembled. The panels were cut from recycled wood, reclaimed from a Frank Lloyd Wright home I worked on years before.

With the doors assembled they needed a place to hang and I found just the piece to build in my copy of Antique Country Furniture of North America and Details of Its Construction, The Pennsylvania German Hanging Cupboard.

In addition to sharing some of my work on and hosting an archive of tools on, last year I created a website dedicated to projects from reclaimed and recycled materials, Continue reading

Taking work home

I haven’t posted to this site in a while but it doesn’t mean I’m not working.

Sometimes my work is so much a part of my life I literally live with it. Here is a picture of a chunk of floor I removed from a Frank Lloyd Wright house that I kept due to it’s ill nature. Too bad a piece of the original subfloor didn’t come up with it. Tomato, accounting and subfloor??

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Bookshelves around a Fireplace

Job: Build bookshelves and a new Mantel around an existing brick fireplace.

I was going to title this “The Liberty Cabinets” because my client ripped a page out of a magazine and said: “I want something like this, I trust your sense of style so get to work and make me something nice.” but then I noticed there is a cabinet shop with that title …so welcome to my generic: “Bookshelves around a Fireplace” job.

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Framed painting from recycled wood


Here’s another personal project to come out of my shop recently.
While working on a Frank Lloyd Wright home, the homeowner, knowing how much I like Native American art, gave me a painting from her wall. After nearly a decade hanging in my bedroom this painting has grown on me and I decided to make a frame for it.

For the wood, I used pieces of mahogany removed from the same FLW home. The stock is true 5/4 X 12 but riddled with nails, coated with a hardened finish, oils and some exterior stain. Continue reading Framed painting from recycled wood


A shelf with movable boxes in the form of the letter E.

Here is a gift I made for my daughter this Christmas that I thought I would share. Constructed of Philippine mahogany with 1/4″ birch-ply backing it’s mahogan-‘E’. Based on multiples of 5 1/2″ the boxes will fit in any location on the shelf; 3 across the bottom, stacked several high or one here one there.

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