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Furniture Repair, Restoration and Refinishing in New Canaan, CT

WoodDance Studio has recently received quite a few calls for furniture repair.

After a hiatus from “construction” due to injury, finishing up school, and enjoying volunteer work for long-term care residents I have once again focused on the finer crafts of woodworking.

My varied tasks these days range from debris removal and landscaping to fine furniture repair, general cabinetry and home improvement.  Continue reading Furniture Repair, Restoration and Refinishing in New Canaan, CT

Last Chance

I’m studying for a position in health care. In six months I hope to abandon the physically demanding activities associated with the building trades. Thanks for your business. WoodDance Studio was registered in 1995.

Obviously, quitting when I confidently know every aspect of residential construction is something to digest over time. I can’t shake the craftsman that is my inherited ability. I will always be a woodworker. …just not for you.


What happened to website!

December 18th, 2007 I was working with some of my mySQL databases. I wasn’t thinking for the second when I deleted an entire website that I had not backed up. That website was a blog where I posted carpentry updates.

In lieu of rebuilding what’s lost there I decided to turn into a blog. The old site, pages and galleries are all on my computer and I will try and pay some attention when I find time to breath.

This new site will allow me to update in a more frequent and personal manner and to easier share photos of current work. I think it’s going to be worth the fresh start and loss of design.