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WoodDance Montana…I’m still alive and working hard

It’s June of 2017 and I’m working hard on houses everyday….just not yours.

I’ve been busy for 2 years flipping houses, with very little work for clients in between. This year I find myself with several homes and a list ten miles long before I need to start updating my “advertising and marketing”…. I’m working like a dog. Every day I give thanks to my mentor and the best contractor I’ve had the privilege of learning from: Michael Hargrove in San Francisco. Because he knows everything and taught it all to me 25 years ago… I am awesome. What I mean is, I have found a fulfilling career doing something I am quite proficient at. I enjoy every day even when I am distracted by the struggles.

I do accept woodworking and home improvement work in the Great Falls area and have my MT paperwork in order.


WoodDance Studio Status July 2016

Cascade, Montana.

Fine Home Improvement on the Rocky Mountain Front.

Things are going well. If you’re looking for home repair in Great Falls, MT look no further, I’m ready to help. (If you’re looking for my kick-ass website and gallery of works, you’ll have to wait quite a while)

Having completed my latest restoration, I am looking for work locally.

WoodDance is registered with the State of Montana for Home Improvement.