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Motivated by my shop set up for gluing cabinet doors, I searched my dusty shelves for some raised panels I had cut many years ago but never assembled. The panels were cut from recycled wood, reclaimed from a Frank Lloyd Wright home I worked on years before.

With the doors assembled they needed a place to hang and I found just the piece to build in my copy of Antique Country Furniture of North America and Details of Its Construction, The Pennsylvania German Hanging Cupboard.

In addition to sharing some of my work on and hosting an archive of tools on, last year I created a website dedicated to projects from reclaimed and recycled materials, Continue reading

Taking work home

I haven’t posted to this site in a while but it doesn’t mean I’m not working.

Sometimes my work is so much a part of my life I literally live with it. Here is a picture of a chunk of floor I removed from a Frank Lloyd Wright house that I kept due to it’s ill nature. Too bad a piece of the original subfloor didn’t come up with it. Tomato, accounting and subfloor??

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A shelf with movable boxes in the form of the letter E.

Here is a gift I made for my daughter this Christmas that I thought I would share. Constructed of Philippine mahogany with 1/4″ birch-ply backing it’s mahogan-‘E’. Based on multiples of 5 1/2″ the boxes will fit in any location on the shelf; 3 across the bottom, stacked several high or one here one there.

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Working by the light of day…

When I arrive at work it hasn’t been light for an hour. When I leave work during these winter months it’s been dark for almost an hour.
On this jobsite there isn’t enough electricity to power Halogen work lights and tools since the entire production is running on a single 20 Amp breaker.

Working at this Modern home is inspiring me to create some galleries of previous work for this site. From The Glass House Compound to Frank Lloyd Wright I have seen simple shapes of wood, metal, plaster, stone and glass! For what it’s worth, I have grown comfortable with the aesthetic. There is something intensely intriguing about the “philosophy” behind creations such as those by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. So much thought and it looks like that? Hahah.