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An alteration to a Frank Lloyd Wright interior door

Here’s another backdated post to the date the work was completed… or is it?
This blog entry is the only place you will ever see this work.

In 2002 I was called to make some alterations to an interior room that I had previously worked on for the same homeowner. The task was to eliminate an interior door opening and laminate the Mahogany wall covering over the opening, closing off the door permanently.

After machining pieces of mahogany removed from an office wall and stored in an outbuilding on site, I applied them to a new hollow-core flat panel door fastened in the opening. On the reverse side the homeowner hired an artistic painter to replicate the view outside the office window.

Well, …it wasn’t permanent! Another beautiful job well done but a few years later and a new homeowner and whamo; I destroyed this work and replaced the original door.


They threw out a Frank Lloyd Wright door?

Not too long after I started working on a Frank Lloyd Wright home here in Connecticut I was asked to fix the front storm door because it was badly warped and one of the screws holding the handle in place had stripped out, leaving the handle a bit loose.

After altering the door in my shop I brought it back to the residence and set it outside. I left it leaning there against the stone wall in the carport while I worked on the jamb and passive side. I replaced the passive side and left for the night.
The next morning at 5:30am the garbageman stopped to collect the trash and for some reason, took the door as well. Continue reading They threw out a Frank Lloyd Wright door?

My first Frank Lloyd Wright renovation, rebuilding a rotten deck.

In late 2000, I was hired to renovate a dilapidated deck on a friend’s Frank Lloyd Wright original house here in Connecticut. “Springbough” is no ordinary house and at first sight I knew my work here was going to be both challenging and gratifying.
Presented here is a backdated post to the time when the work was completed by WoodDance Studio. This is a long story as the deck was again remodeled in 2006, but I don’t want to give away the story just yet so read now about my first job on a Frank Lloyd Wright and the beginning of a six year relationship with a very interesting home. Continue reading My first Frank Lloyd Wright renovation, rebuilding a rotten deck.