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WoodDance Montana…I’m still alive and working hard

It’s June of 2017 and I’m working hard on houses everyday….just not yours.

I’ve been busy for 2 years flipping houses, with very little work for clients in between. This year I find myself with several homes and a list ten miles long before I need to start updating my “advertising and marketing”…. I’m working like a dog. Every day I give thanks to my mentor and the best contractor I’ve had the privilege of learning from: Michael Hargrove in San Francisco. Because he knows everything and taught it all to me 25 years ago… I am awesome. What I mean is, I have found a fulfilling career doing something I am quite proficient at. I enjoy every day even when I am distracted by the struggles.

I do accept woodworking and home improvement work in the Great Falls area and have my MT paperwork in order.


WoodDance Studio Status July 2016

Cascade, Montana.

Fine Home Improvement on the Rocky Mountain Front.

Things are going well. If you’re looking for home repair in Great Falls, MT look no further, I’m ready to help. (If you’re looking for my kick-ass website and gallery of works, you’ll have to wait quite a while)

Having completed my latest restoration, I am looking for work locally.

WoodDance is registered with the State of Montana for Home Improvement.

Furniture Repair, Restoration and Refinishing in New Canaan, CT

WoodDance Studio has recently received quite a few calls for furniture repair.

After a hiatus from “construction” due to injury, finishing up school, and enjoying volunteer work for long-term care residents I have once again focused on the finer crafts of woodworking.

My varied tasks these days range from debris removal and landscaping to fine furniture repair, general cabinetry and home improvement.  Continue reading Furniture Repair, Restoration and Refinishing in New Canaan, CT

Last Chance

I’m studying for a position in health care. In six months I hope to abandon the physically demanding activities associated with the building trades. Thanks for your business. WoodDance Studio was registered in 1995.

Obviously, quitting when I confidently know every aspect of residential construction is something to digest over time. I can’t shake the craftsman that is my inherited ability. I will always be a woodworker. …just not for you.


Repairing broken antique mahogany table and bed post

I’ve been in the shop again. Fixing damage to several different old pieces of furniture. In a most unfortunate slip, someone fell and smashed a 200 year old table. I repaired the table and using a piece broken off inside a mortise was able to patch a spot with same wood. The photo below shows a Dremel tool being used to grind away nails inside the mortise from a previous repair. This table had been broken more than once before.

With the table stronger than ever and returned, I started on a quick bed post repair which I truly enjoyed. It didn’t take long to turn this project around. I used a lathe to create a new pin in an old mahogany finial. Continue reading Repairing broken antique mahogany table and bed post

Removing old caulk and grout instead of rebuilding.

Of all carpentry tasks, one that suits my perfectionist nature is tile work. I especially enjoy working with materials that stand a chance of lasting 100 years. Some of my tile installations have the potential to outlast their dwellings.

“We need new tiles in our bathroom. When we shower, water leaks through the floor.” Continue reading Removing old caulk and grout instead of rebuilding.