Welcome to WoodDance Studio Home Improvement.

WoodDance Studio is a residential remodeling contractor located in Cascade, Montana.
WoodDance Studio embraces conservation and restoration of historic homes.

Typical work includes

  • Residential remodeling, renovation or repair
  • Interior and exterior residential construction
  • Furniture repair and custom furniture fabrication
  • On-site restoration and repair of damaged wood work
  • Handyman & General Home Repairs

Founded in 1995, WoodDance Studio is registered in the town of New Canaan, CT and now in the State of Montana.

I truly enjoy being a residential contractor. I’m gifted with common sense and an appreciation of beauty in the Nature of my work. My acquired talent and a nothing-is-impossible attitude has lead to some interesting, and at times challenging, work over the years. I see labor as a skillful movement and enthusiastically pursue creative and efficient projects. I enjoy focusing on each of the million tasks required to complete a residence.