WoodDance Montana…I’m still alive and working hard

It’s June of 2017 and I’m working hard on houses everyday….just not yours.

I’ve been busy for 2 years flipping houses, with very little work for clients in between. This year I find myself with several homes and a list ten miles long before I need to start updating my “advertising and marketing”…. I’m working like a dog. Every day I give thanks to my mentor and the best contractor I’ve had the privilege of learning from: Michael Hargrove in San Francisco. Because he knows everything and taught it all to me 25 years ago… I am awesome. What I mean is, I have found a fulfilling career doing something I am quite proficient at. I enjoy every day even when I am distracted by the struggles.

I do accept woodworking and home improvement work in the Great Falls area and have my MT paperwork in order.


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