Rustic Pine Bench Made From Tree That Fell in Storm Sandy

…It’s what you make of a storm.


Pine Bench, May 2013.

Super-storm Sandy put more trees on the ground than I can remember of past storms. While cutting up a large section of pine that fell onto our cottage, I saved a 5-foot long piece. It was such clear pine, it seemed a waste to chip the whole tree.

Since the 5-foot piece was too heavy for me to move, come May, I cut it up and made a rustic pine bench for our property. This was a gratifying and rewarding project. The remaining part of the tree fell later, in December, and took out a sizable section of the neighbor’s house. I’m not sure if the rebuilding is 100% today… it was quite a storm to us. Where the giant pine was.. is now a huge space between our homes.

The bench was made green.. and I assembled it with thru-tenons… they are sticking 2″ long and may require some pinning eventually. It’s such heavy construction.. and a 4″ heavy slab, that nothing wobbles in the least. It sits very solid and it’s rustic appeal is pleasing perched under a cherry tree by a bird bath.

Instead of talking about every step, because it was SO much fun to make this… Here’s a gallery of images. I did this in spare time.. starting one sunday.. it took about 3 days. I finished it with a circa 1980’s can of “PREEN” that seemed to be in good condition and.. an interesting coating for this bench while the pine wood dries over the summer.

My favorite bit of construction is the backrest because I made dowel-tenons in the ends of machined lumber that was tree just before. On every piece of wood, I machined them so 3 sides are milled and one is bark… for a real rustic pine bench look~!

The underlying importance of that particular tree … of that particular piece of pine being transformed into a fashionable and functional furnishing is where the inspiration and motivation to gladly undertake such hobby again and again.

What I mean is.. if you had a piece of tree and you wanted something crafted from it… that’s something I might do, for you too.

If I engrave “’s what you make of a storm” on this bench then I’ll get quote credits and can, for the first time ever, sign something I’ve made.. right smack on the front of it~!!!

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