Furniture Repair, Restoration and Refinishing in New Canaan, CT

WoodDance Studio has recently received quite a few calls for furniture repair.

After a hiatus from “construction” due to injury, finishing up school, and enjoying volunteer work for long-term care residents I have once again focused on the finer crafts of woodworking.

My varied tasks these days range from debris removal and landscaping to fine furniture repair, general cabinetry and home improvement. 

A solution for storage of products that don’t belong in the pantry or under the kitchen sink is this basement stair wall shelving that I built from scraps of plywood that would have otherwise gone straight into the dump, demonstrates a sense of satisfaction that my inherit creativity lends to home improvement.

Just as I took on my next furniture restoration, storm Sandy hit New England. A tree fell on just about every home on our street, including more than one on my property:

It took nearly a week to clean up my own yard but in my off hours, I worked on a few pieces of 1940’s mahogany furniture:

A before and after picture of  the ‘professional’ cleaning I gave this drawer.

On that particular dresser, it was necessary to strip and refinish the top surface.

My passion for woodworking, now decades long, is evolving as my refinishing skills compliment my appreciation for historic restoration.



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