Hostgator for my WPMU and Drupal websites. is hosted at Host Gator. This  business website is one of many sites on a WordPress MU installation I created years ago after growing tired of constantly updating many separate installations of WordPress.

I currently use HostGator to power my sites big and small. I have years of experience creating sites with Drupal, Joomla, WordPress and WPMU… and all that goes with that; hosting, designing, building, supporting and updating. I still hold more than 50 domain names and host at least a dozen websites.

I prefer the CPanel backend on Hostgator’s Shared Hosting plans and … well, their customer service has been very patient when I missed a payment and has provided non-stop, no hassle service. The initial reason I switched back to was for the wildcard DNS thingy needed to create subdomains through WPMU so each site when added would get it’s own subdomain not sub-folder. Hahah, here’s the ad. In case you want to use them too. _WKP

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