Cancer the Crab Necklace Rack

My daughter asked me for something to hang her necklaces on. I thought about it for a week and came up with a few designs but nothing seemed worth the effort. Sunday afternoon project time; another piece of recycled mahogany siding from a Frank Lloyd Wright house turned into something cool.

I’ve got an idea! I went online and grabbed an image of a crab that I liked the style of then printed it out the right size for this project and taped it to a piece of the 1950’s siding I had prepped. I cut away the design and marked the edges, transferring the image to the wood. When it was marked, I cut out the crab on the band saw.

With crab cut, I ripped a length of 1/2″ x 1/2″, hand planed it smooth then cut it into two 12″ pieces. After sanding, I made marks 1.5″ apart and drilled 1/4″ holes for the dowel I made. A spot of dark wood glue in each hole, a mallet to knock in the 1.75″ pegs and a quick handmade peg from some denser hardwood to join the two sides.

Here are some images of the project coming together.

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