Repairing an FLW storm window

I had the chance to repair a broken storm window last week. One side of a mahogany framed storm had broken years ago letting in quite a draft on stormy days like today.

The steps for repairing the window can be viewed in the gallery of images below.

  • Removing broken side of frame
  • Measure details of existing
  • Create a blank rail from new mahogany stock
  • Mill blank on router table, using slice of old piece as pattern
  • Mortise for existing tenons
  • Clean tenons of old glue and glazing
  • Fit, glue and clamp
  • Create and apply new mahogany stop to retain glass
  • Added 1/2″ to top of this storm, ‘plane-to-fit’ exact size of opening later.

In WoodDance fashion I was able to mill the 1/2″ mahogany extension I needed for the top from the broken side of the frame, reusing the wood on the same window. Cool.
December 2008 – Happy Holidays

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