How to make a simple rope ladder

Here is a gallery of photos showing how I made a rope ladder.

For supplies I purchased some 7/16″ rope and 1″x3″ oak boards. Including (2) tie-off anchors and some carabiner clips to secure the ladder at the ground, Also some eye-bolts that will pass through the deck framing of the treehouse platform to hang the ladder from.

I changed router bits to a round-over and passed all four edges along the fence.

With the edges smoothed I cut the boards to length.

I used a drill press to make 1/2″ holes in the end of each ladder rung. (The 7/16″ rope wouldn’t fit through a 7/16″ hole)

Leaving a few feet of rope at the ‘bottom’, I tied a knot in each rope and slid a board on. Before repeating I measured up and marked each rope with a sharpie before tying the next knot.

Wait ’til you see where this is going to hang.

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