Wall of storage!

At the top of my stairs is a small studio space. The area was so cluttered with stuff it’s been completely inaccessible. I put in a few hours after work each night for a week and built a really nice wall of cabinets. Included in this space is a shelf for a television and VCR with the DVD player discreetly on a shelf below. The base cabinets also support a fish tank for our 10 year old goldfish who has lived through incredible conditions, including months in still 40° water.

I built these cabinets out of birch plywood with a poplar face-frame and piano hinges. All the doors are simple slabs of plywood with no edge treatment. The idea was to get this wall of storage cabinets finished!
After adding an edge to the countertop and a few interior shelves to increase capacity this baby will be ready for paint.


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