I just noticed this will be the third entry in a row coincidentally posted on the 18th of the month.

This week, I’ve been hired to build a treehouse. I’ve found some great resources online at The Treehouse Guide and Treehouse Workshop. Treehouse workshop has a decent resources/links page. I’ve found, on these sites, some beautiful craftsmanship.

I’d be glad to have a source for rustic boards instead of the Home Depot fare. I’d be happy to have a budget for board and batten or cedar shakes instead of plywood and asphalt. We’ll just have to see what this week brings.

Although I’ve drawn up some plans, I’m taking each step of this job one at a time. So much so that I won’t know the size or shape of the platform until I’m done framing it tomorrow. I’ll try to make some nice knee braces and carefully attach this structure soundly and with minimal invasion of this cool old pine tree.

I’ll update this gallery as I progress.

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