deck in new canaan

I’m replacing a deck this week. The existing deck has seen it’s share of repairs over the years, half of the remains are clear Redwood. (California!) It needs rebuilding before the house goes on the market.

Challenges always accompany even the most simple and satisfying jobs. Temperatures have been in the 90’s with a blazing sunshine. I’m just about as tan as I’ll get. So dark that in comparison my feet look like snow. That reminds me to mention that I love working in Merrell Chameleon II Gore-Tex® XCR® shoes. These are some heavy duty kicks and I’ve worn them all 4 seasons for years now. It’s dang hot out there but it really makes me feel alive and I reasoned never to complain about the heat. Some challenges aren’t as annoying as others.

My second challenge is one of mental adaptation.

It’s COD for the dumpster. I get a call, the dumpster is delivered but there is no check there. Five minutes away I meet the driver, who I tell; The check is under the dumpster, on top of a bundle of balusters.
I laid 1/2″ plywood on the driveway to protect it. In the middle of the sheets I dropped a bundle of balusters and left the check in a ziplock on top. The driver just backed in, saw the sheets and dropped it.
He squished my balusters~!

Building a deck is the kind of job I love. I’m completely solo on this project so seeing the progress at the end of each day is very satisfying. I enjoy being outside, working with my hands and the materials and overcoming simple challenges, like dealing with unexpected rot!


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