Gorilla Ladder

I like my Gorilla 4-in-1 Ladder. It is a little heavy to tote around but it’s well worth it’s weight on the jobsite!

I was looking for another on Amazon and found 106 reviews resulting in a 4.5 star rating for the Werner 22-Foot Type 1A 300-Pound Duty Rating Telescoping Multiladder.

I have used almost every combination these ladders offer. This week I am building a deck on uneven ground and just about anywhere I drop this ladder it’s stable. Having a heavier duty product and two sides to stand on makes it a better work platform than any of my other ladders.

The Wing Little Giant Ladder System 22- Foot 300-Pound Work Platform also gets a 4.5 star rating but from 40 reviews. The Little Giant has wheels and is a 30% more expensive than the Werner.


Of course I like my lighter ladders for most situations but my Gorilla Ladder is without a doubt one important tool on my jobsite.

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