Large deck in Stratford, CT

I’m building a 16′ X 25′ deck with a screened porch in Stratford, Ct.

Working with a friend to complete this project, it’s coming along nicely.

After demolition of the old deck and passing the footing inspection we got started with the framing. Here are some pictures:
Day 1, Setting the ledger, building beams and setting the posts beneath.
Day 2, Framing the floor joists and adding Simpson strong-ties
Day 3, Installing some decking, finishing framing, Friday clean-up.
Day 4, Finish flooring
Day 5, Build stairs, rim joist, bolt and cut-off beams

Day 6, Ledger for roof, post and beam, template rafter – rain
Day 7, Rafters – 1/2 day – 95°
Day 8, Frame walls and install handrail posts – 99° (roofed)


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