large pine slab on the bench

Part of my New Year’s resolution for 2008 is to clear out wood from my shop and storage and finish the half completed projects cluttering my space. Within my possession is a copious supply of hardwood and softwood lumber in various shapes, sizes and conditions. I have intentions for most of it.

  • 12/4 walnut for a bed
  • cherry boards already cut for a blanket chest
  • ornately turned Jamaican bed posts, missing rails
  • Mahogany, Spanish cedar, exotics, burls, root bases – too much!

Here is a large slice of a Pine tree that was sitting outside my friend’s parent’s house for many years. I’ve had it for another 10. It’s under the knife and the idea for this one is a slab bench, similar to a George Nakashima piece. I’ll have room for it in my living room, just need to pick some wood to turn for legs and the back spindles.

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