My return to the deck at Springbough

08 April 2005 | FLW | Tags: , , ,

Well, my first repair and alteration to the deck on this Frank Lloyd Wright home lasted a few years and then…
A new owner and a new way of thinking, or is it an old way of thinking? Either way I was hired to demolish my work and restore the original design. Thank Goodness!
This renovation was straight-forward: Have new Mahogany lumber milled for siding and hand-rails, strip my previous work off the cantilever and rebuild it as intended. Since the fiberglass deck surface was in good shape and the framing had been addressed years earlier this time Mahogany was the only material that needed replacement.
The second photo shows me kicking the railings apart. Demolishing work that I have previously spent time and care to construct is nothing new to me. This renovation was just and the result was satisfying.
Now the deck on Frank Lloyd Wright’s Springbough has been restored to the original design and hopefully will last for many many years to come.

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