Custom poplar entertainment unit

“As affordable as possible” is often a requirement for some projects of significant size. I don’t remember the invoice amount but it was super-affordable for a stain-grade custom unit!

The requests for this entertainment center were:

  • custom fit from wall-to-wall
  • retracting flat panel doors
  • drawers for media
  • lots of shelving for their books
  • built off the ground for special storage needs

The client wanted to stain or paint this one themselves and had already purchased a TV so there’s a separate box inside to enclose their TV and provide a large shelf above for their cable box. A month later I stopped by to see the client’s finish work. They chose a stain and polyurethane application. It must have taken a long time.

This is a backdated post, entered Jan. 2008, for a job completed in 2002.

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